With the collapse of space and time brought about by the digital revolution, it would seem as if a utopian society were on the brink of being discovered.  However, we now find ourselves in a society of disconnect and misinformation.  We are in the midst of countless conflicting theories, beliefs, and cultures.  It would appear that by connecting the globe with a digital network we have furthered our distance between human relationships and commonly accepted definitions of reality.

With such an abundance of information at our disposal and a constantly dwindling physical connection between people of the 21st century, I question the creation and use of labels such as real/unreal, normal/abnormal and ethical/unethical.  As I collect, trace, draw, manipulate, appropriate, steal, reconceptualize, construct, and deconstruct I intend to elucidate the folly of assigning value or significance to specific objects, people, places, beliefs, traditions, and rituals that bind us to a history of stasis.